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Seeker Review

Seeker is an application by Sheer Studios. Seeker was first published on . The app is currently available on Steam.

Why I made this game:
I made this game on my free time from school. One day I got home from school and i felt like i was very stressed from learning a new game engine. I wanted to feel like I wasn't stressed so I started to make a game with out any intention of making it public. But, my girlfriend told me i should publish this game as a very special moment in my career of being in the gaming industry. This is my very first game I am proud of and I will build off of this game in future updates. As always, Thank you for playing my first published game.

What this game expresses:
Seeker features a relaxing story where the player can enjoy playing the game without worrying about competition. Seeker is a great singleplayer game where the player can take as much time as possible exploring the island. Content for seeker is going to grow over time through updates. This may be a free game on the store but i feel like this game is full of my passion. The game is for those who want to relax and enjoy a video game that is easy to pick up and fair.

The content in Seeker includes a very loose story that is suppose to be relaxing and will be meaning full. Seeker is very unique when it comes to the way updates will happen. THEY WILL BE FREE :D. Seeker is my first game and i feel like it should be free because I don't want any gamers out there feel like this game cheated them out of their hard earned cash.

Overview of the game:

Seeker is a stress-relieving game where you can play for the story or seek out adventure and discover the map. Seeker is about a stranded alien named Alfie who needs to find five stars to power up the spaceship. Help Alfie find the stars and get back home! The game is set on an island where Alfie is set up for adventure to gather the stars of power. Alfie is from another solar system and in his solar system the gravity is much more dense than our own. Alfie can use this to fly around the level looking for the stars that are on the ground waiting for him to pick up.


4.5 / 5

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Author: Sheer Studios
Size: 1 GB available space

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