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The Botanist Review

The Botanist is an app created by Ghost Entertainment. The Botanist was first published on . The Botanist is currently available for Steam, Other.

The Botanist is an adventurists indie 3D platformer featuring a young mushroom boy Bob obsessed with nature and research of plants and mushrooms.

Story Mode:

The story begins in a small village, on a peaceful planet, in Bob’s dreams. While he was collecting samples for his next project, his basket was stolen by the roots controlled by the evil Green Queen of the Dark Forest and scattered all over the Broken Isles, turning his dream into his worst nightmare.
Dragged by the Green Queen in the parallel dimension, Bob faces his biggest fears!
His homeland is completely destroyed and all his friends turned against him!

Ghost Entertainment presents their first game, "The Botanist". The game includes two different modes. One for those who like to take their time and enjoy the game, to explore every corner and observe the smallest details. One for those who want to take the hardcore route and chase time with fewer lives. As the game goes by, you’ll meet a new friend, someone who will help you against mushrooms and hidden traps, a friend who will help to awaken you from the nightmare.

What are you waiting for?
Help Bob retrieve his plants and wake up before he is too late, the sun is almost rising!

The Botanist

4.2 / 5

The Botanist Logo
Author: Ghost Entertainment
Size: 2 GB available space

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